Standard Double

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  • Spacious  and immaculately clean
  • Extensive  Sunset view Balcony
  • Bed with white  Linen
  • Lamp Shade,  telephone, Wall framed artwork


  • Bathroom with Shower and bath tub
  • Bath telephone, Hair Dryer
  • Bath Amenities: shampoo, shower gel

Room overview

The Catch: Spectacular scenes of panoromic overlapping mountains can be enjoyed while you stay at this room all day and very magical at sunset. The room boasts of sizeable balcony for out-of-room relaxation and sunset viewing setup with woven chairs

Lighting: Build with full glass on the mountain view side, allowing for full lighting during the day and curtains are made of thick dark brown linen designed to simulate night ambiance in the room during the day as well, just before you wake up.

Bed and Linen: A comfortable king size laid with white linen offer physical ease and relaxation for your stay

Decor; The room has framed artwork the on the walls. The walls are painted with easy-on-eye light cream colours to ensure your piece of mind while in the room

Bath: This room’s bathroom has a shower, hair dryer, bath amenities, bath tab, and and bathroom telephone

Convenience Items. These include dressing mirror, dressing table, coffee table, two chairs, beside lampshades, telephone.

Enjoy Your Stay at Mountain View Hotel. In case you have special request or requirements, do contact us , we are happy to do our best for your cherished convince