Perched on the mountain’s edge in Lalibela, this hotel is a great spot to take in this magical city. Restaurant was decent.

Whippany, New Jersey


The hotel is situated at the end of the road, so there’s no traffic or noise. The hotel rooms overlook the fantastic valley and mountain range opposite and what a view that is. The colours change over the course of the day and at night

Ulrike P
Oxford, United Kingdom


fantastic views of the mountains-food on the better side of what we have been experiencing in Ethiopia-nice reception, bar, restaurant, common areas with a beautiful huge terrace enabling panoramic views al

London, UK

third post

I stayed in Mountain view hotel for one night and Found one of the best hotel in Ethiopia and the best one in Lalibela. Beautiful sceneric view from room, nice food, clean rooms and very polite staff. I enjoyed staying there.



Spent two nights here. All the rooms have a view of the breathtaking mountain
range. Our room had a quite large balcony which was private and not overlooked.Lovely and peaceful to just sit and take in the view. Many lovely birds around too.

Jackie HS
United Kingdom

Hello world!

Lovely hotel situated in a location with breathtaking views. Food is good
compared to other restaurants in lalibela. Staff very attentive n always willing to help. Try the tilapia fried fish in the restaurant. Will recommend anytime

London, England, United Kingdom

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