But what I was trying to reference before was that the team has

Oh and in reaction to your statement on “if Vax had been a man she wouldn be called an ice queen etc.” There is no lack of female characters written exactly the way Vex is, the sexy cold assassin is so common it almost a trope. The whole reason it annoying is because women are often not able to be three dimensional, if she a sexy assassin then obviously she not a gentle, kindhearted, funny cheap nfl jerseys, charming woman. Vex not being horrified at dead children based on her background, etc.

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cheap jerseys I urging everyone to go out and vote against him this upcoming election.This guy had been an embarrassment to the community for far too long: the huge number of officer involved shootings his view on marijuana is ass backwards and the money he spent trying to get them out his son is an absolute mess and has been bailed out by his dad quite a few times.I sure people can add on but those are just a few that I can think of. 2 points submitted 15 days agoI feel like whenever I go to the game there are lots of 20 and 30 something’s. Maybe it’s just opening day? I mean I scanned the photo a little and I see what you’re talking about.But what I was trying to reference before was that the team has a lot of generations of fans.My mother, when she was alive used to consider opening day to be a holiday. cheap jerseys

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