” Schmuck Bait: Come on people, it’s Seska

A type 3 science stands at the intersection between natural sciences and humanities. A diverse number of fields occupy this space, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, etc. Like the humanities, the type of results yielded by social sciences are qualitative in nature, but like the hard sciences, are often obtained through careful and methodological research. The subjects under this category are often criticized by members of academia on either side of the spectrum. Many subcategories exist within this typology and can lean towards other types, such as sociobiology, (some fields of) neuroscience, or physical anthropology. Type 3 sciences deal with plenty of theories, but are also able to draw from the methodological techniques of both natural sciences and humanities. Expect Type 3 science to involve statistics and plenty of fieldwork; most of the research conducted within the social sciences demands a presence within the field of study. Sometimes, interactions with the object of study can blur the boundary lines of research, but practitioners of social science are aware of this and study proper research methods and ethics extensively. the Analysis

Obfuscating Stupidity: The Doctor adopts his Dr. Jerk persona of Season One to convince Seska that he doesn’t care about the Kazon taking over the ship. One Man Army: Suder kills eight or nine Kazon in a single rampage through Engineering. Politically Incorrect Villain: Once again, Maje Cullah’s misogyny is out in full force. Redemption Equals Death: Suder gives his life in a rather cliched fashion; shot In the Back by a dying Kazon, pushing the button that will save the ship with his dying breath. Red Shirt: A classic! Neelix and Ensign Hogan discover a pile of humanoid bones in front of a dark cave mouth. Neelix, who notes they’re just like a Keep Out sign, orders Hogan to gather them all up, then gets called away by someone else. Hogan gets an Oh, Crap! look, and sure enough is killed seconds later by the cave lizard. And the poor schmuck who gets eaten by the cave lizard later on. Robinsonade Rubber Forehead Aliens: Lampshaded when Seska is grateful her baby isn’t too human. “You all have such weak foreheads.” Schmuck Bait: Come on people, it’s Seska. Trap Is the Only Option! When the Kazon warships close in on Voyager, they leave a very obvious escape path. The crew decide its an obvious trap and don’t take it. However, it’s entirely possible that staying is exactly what Seska wanted and taking it really would’ve worked. Scream Discretion Shot An Invoked Trope by Seska in her Distress Call to Chakotay, ended by a Snowy Screen of Death. Hogan’s death. Screw This, I’m Outta Here!: Janeway decides to turn the ship round when it’s obvious they’ve walked into a trap, but it’s too late. When the crew create false sensor readings to make it look like they have help, half of the Kazon ships take off. Self Destruct Mechanism: Kazon ships repeatedly hit one specific spot on Voyager in hit and run raids, damaging the secondary command processors. The reason becomes apparent when Voyager falls into a massive ambush http://hanhtrinhphuongdong.com/2012/11/20/he-only-appears-in-the-movie/, and Janeway tries to activate the autodestruct to prevent capture. Turns out the secondary command processors are vital to the job. Season Finale / Two Part Episode “Shaggy Dog” Story: All the focus on Chakotay’s feelings about being a father turns out to be meaningless, as the child isn’t actually his. Snark to Snark CombatChakotay: You still have pride in the Nistrim, don’t you, Teirna? Even after what they did to you. I remember that pride in your eyes when you pounded me with your fists while I was tied to a chair. And I can see it in your eyes now, and that scares the hell out of me.

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