I have a great shot that can hit the 3 if needed

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cheap jordans from cheap jordans kid sizes china I’m a 6”2 15 year old 157 pound SF/PF/C sophomore. I have a great post up game, just about no one can stop me when I get the ball down low. I have a great shot that can hit the 3 if needed. Led by guard Isaiah Thomas, Boston makes a bit of an awkward fit for Markelle Fultz, viewed by most cheap jordans under 40 dollars as the top overall prospect in this class. Fultz is a point guard who needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and Thomas’ short stint in Phoenix showed he cannot work without being the primary ball handler. With Thomas heading toward free agency next summer, it’s possible the Celtics will be choosing between Fultz and their incumbent All Star in the not too distant future.. cheap jordans from china

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