The comet’s text is normal (black), but italicized

singled out for no reason

Hermes Replica Bags It takes place in a world inhabited solely by anthropomorphic versions of things that fly or can be found in the sky. Our hero is Joel, a raindrop who lives alone in a house on a small cloud, until one day, a strange glowing meteorite falls from the sky. The meteorite is struck by a lightning bolt, shattering it, and dropping its resident, a star named Nina, onto Joel’s cloud. Nina reveals that the meteorite was made of a mysterious, powerful stone called Solarite. Suddenly, they are attacked by the lightning bolt, who reveals that he wants the Solarite for himself. After escaping from him, Joel and Nina go on a quest to find the rest of the Solarite, meeting many different characters along the way. He then stalks Joel and Nina, trying to find the pieces, but his motivation is currently unknown. Color Coded for Your Convenience: Nearly every character’s dialogue is written in a different color, although additional text effects are used for characters who share a color: Nina’s text is gold (yellow). The lightning bolt’s text is purple. The comet’s text is normal (black), but italicized. Stanley’s text is cinnamon (brown). Hummer and the other hummingbirds’ text is green. Mayor Ferdinand’s text is normal, but bold. The airplanes’ text is cinnamon and bold. Companion Cube: Aramu Kurokku chan, Joel’s alarm clock, who he has claimed as his waifu. Later on, Joel gives Nina his umbrella as her own companion, which they name Anburera kun. Dismantled MacGuffin: The meteorite containing a powerful substance called Solarite is shattered, and the pieces land in different places across the land, and Joel and Nina’s goal is to travel across the land to find each piece. Evil Laugh: The lightning bolt does this from time to time. At one point, Nina throws it back in his face while defiantly telling him that he won’t win. Feathered Fiend: At one point, Joel and Nina are attacked by a group of vicious hummingbirds. Mineral MacGuffin: Solarite, a powerful stone from a mysterious meteorite. It was shattered by an evil, living lightning bolt, forcing Joel and Nina to travel across the land to find the pieces before the lightning bolt does. Narration Echo: This exchange:Player command: > If all else fails, go back to the mayor and ask for the key. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Valentino Handbags In stark contrast, the “corporate mercenary” is usually just a Mook or Red Shirt of some kind, and the “character” takes the form of the PMC corporation itself. Corporate mercs are usually depicted as being up to no good, or are the hand puppets of some shadowy organization which is itself up to no good. They are portrayed when anything more than Faceless Goons as amoral, ethically challenged, and professional but hardly ever inclined to argue with Corporate Headquarters. If former military, many will have been dishonorably discharged. Their parent company usually has a name based loosely or thematically on “Blackwater” in a No Celebrities Were Harmed Expy of that real life PMC examples include “Blackriver”, “Red River”, “Blackthorne”, “Murkywater”, “Starkwood”, “Bluewater”, “Belltower”, and “Merryweather” Replica Valentino Handbags.

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