It didn’t work in 2013 (his first season in Philly)

Click for full scheduleA fire started in a science classroom at Kelly Middle School in Norwich early this morning. The sprinkler system went off and flooded two wings of the school. (Published Monday, March 4, 2013)Kelly Middle School in Norwich is closed on Monday after a fire in a science room activated sprinklers, causing some flooding.The fire chief said a computer in the science room on the second floor caught fire overnight in the science room and the cleanup will take a day or two.Two wings of the school were flooded when the sprinklers went off.”The sprinklers did what they were supposed to do, but they went off on the whole wing, which was an upstairs wing, which then brought the water into the downstairs wing.

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Reality Ensues: When Mariachi and one of the goons in a bar

They dig up two human skeletons immediately above the treasure chest, and infer that the dead men were Kidd’s companions who helped him bury the chest, and that Kidd murdered them so he would be the only one to know the location of the treasure. Locked into Strangeness/Disease Bleach: The old man in “A Descent Into the Maelstrom” isn’t nearly as old as he seems.

Replica Designer Handbags World 2 provides examples of: And Your Reward Is Edible: Double subverted: The mayor of Squiggleville offers ice cream for Fancy Pants Man’s Fancy Golfball skills, but it gets stolen by the Angry Rabbit. Fancy Pants Man then spends the rest of the game getting back that ice cream. Brick Joke: A Bat Spider appears in the background of one of the stages. In World 3, the Bat Spider is one of the challenge givers. Chekhov’s Gun: A pencil appears in the first few moments of the game as a golf club for Fancy Golfball. The pencil would return in Newgrounds Rumble and World 3 as a weapon. Corridor Cubbyhole Run: A between level stage has this, with moving platforms pushing Fancy Pants Man back acting as the object to avoid. Downthe Rabbit Hole: Literally. Fancy Pants Man jumps in after the Angry Rabbit and virtually the entire game takes place in the rabbit hole’s surreal environments. Human Cannonball: There are cannons placed here and there to give Fancy Pants Man a gigantic jump boost. Record Needle Scratch: When the Angry Rabbit steals Fancy Pants Man’s ice cream. Videogame Settings: Hornet Hole: TommyLM’s level in the game is a beehive, with what looks like saddled, fez wearing bees acting as moving platforms. Ruins for Ruins’ Sake: The last level has elements of this, as well as Jungle Japes. Skyscraper City: One Secret Level pairs this with lots of Bottomless Pits. Replica Designer Handbags

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